Fitnesity – A community of certified fitness professionals

We met up with a startup incubated at Riidl. 

The Fitnesity has been founded by Ishan Patel, FY Computer Science and Tarak Maniar FY BSc IT, K J Somaiya College of Science & Commerce along with 3 other team members, with the objective of creating a single platform for Certified Fitness Professionals across the globe for promoting their skills and expertise to users.

The Fitnesity

The Website:


Other team members

  • Vinayak Yadav (Executive Director), an MBA Human Resources from IBS Mumbai is a Certified Personal Trainer from K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences with 11 years of Experience in Fitness Industry
  • Ganesh Yadav (Director), is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University
  •  Apoorva Ajmera (CTO), is an MCA (USA) with 22 Years of Experience in I.T.


We are a community of more than 500 certified fitness professionals. There is no such community existing apart from us. When the other E-health companies are relying on apps and algorithms-based workout programs which lack variations, authenticity and options, we are directly serving the users with a gamut of an authentic and reliable source of information coming from certified fitness professionals in the form of workout programs, diet plans, free consultation and mental health tips.

Target audience

  • People actively involved in physical activities
  • People suffering from Metabolic syndrome such as type diabetes, obesity, lack of sleep, High Blood pressure, Acidity, Stress.
  • People passionate about fitness ( Fitness Freaks)

How will this help people/community?

Make India Fit. Most of the population of our country cannot afford a personal trainer or buy an app. We provide workout plans, diet plans and mental health tips along with free consultation to such people. We are on a mission to provide guidance to each and every single person in the country be it a housewife, a college kid, an old citizen, a worker or a corporate employee.


INR 16 Lakhs by Vinayak Yadav and his family

Cost of the service 
Trainers: Paid Subscription is INR.1200 plus GST
Users: Free

Support by RiiDL

  • Gaurang Shetty: Business Strategy
  • Raj Dhirwani: IT Support and Business Mentoring
  • Hetal Doshi: User Connects

Road map ahead

To Register 10,000 Fitness Professionals by March 2020

 What is unique about this?

  • We Save Time, Money and Health of Users by directly connecting them with Certified Professional and give them the right guidance
  • We also provide a platform for trainers to showcase their work and capabilities to the world.

How long did it take to make the final product
6 Months and we keep making changes as per customer feedback.