We met up with Pooja Nandi and Kaustubh Nandi, Founders of AgroBeads,  a startup incubated at RiiDL. Pooja is an alumnus of K.J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce.

Here are some excerpts of the interesting chat.

The Background

Agriculture forms the backbone of the economy of many countries. However, farmers are facing challenges due to land under cultivation decreasing with an increase in population, and loss of soil fertility with overuse of chemical fertilizers. But they continue using chemical fertilizers because they are cheaper and easy to use. Biofertilizers are available, but they are expensive and using them is a task for the farmers.

Having this problem Statement ahead of us, we thought of designing plant growth enhancers which will help the farmers to save money and also their land.

The Product 

AgroBeads enhances the quality of roots, shoots, the leaf span and the fruit. It has no side effects on the soil as well as the plant. Application of the beads is simple. Just put a few of the beads near the roots and relax. It’s that simple to use, but the results are fantastic. Trials with plants at lab scale and for home gardening has provided excellent results. AgroBeads are a great solution for solving the problem of lands contaminated with inorganic phosphates.

What’s Unique
AgroBeads are completely eco-friendly. They are non-toxic as well as odourless. AgroBeads most significant advantage is that it is not host-specific. It can be applied to all types of plant which grow in soil.

Describe your product in one line 

Boost your plant’s growth organically for greener today and healthier tomorrow!


Profile of the Founders

Pooja Nandi: the inventor of the product, has a Masters in Microbiology from K J Somaiya College of Science & Commerce. She has been a faculty for BSc & MSc in Microbiology department, K J Somaiya College of Science & Commerce.
At Agrobeads, Pooja focuses on manufacturing and innovation as well in further improvement of the product. She also has designed more products to expand the portfolio.

Kaustubh Nandi: A Masters in Technology with specialization in Thermal Engineering, he has worked in the marketing team of a global organization. He has experience in Marketing and branding, creating a better user experience and in Logistics.

At Agrobeads, Kaustubh focuses on the marketing and branding of the product.

The objective of creating the product

The main aim of creating the product is to help farmers create faster and better Produce to gain more profits and thereby elevating the farmer’s lifestyle.

Time to make the final product
Six months in total

Target Market
Home gardeners and sugarcane farmers

Investment involved
40,000 INR

Cost of the product in the market
Up to INR 200 for 30gms to 50gms

Road map ahead
To market AgroBeads in exclusive home gardening communities.

Support from RiiDL

RIIDL has helped in connecting people from Industry as well as stalwarts of the field of study. At Maker Mela, we could connect with many people and also pitch our ideas to Nobel laureate and other dignitaries.

RIIDL is one of the good platforms for startups or projects which need a place for incubation. We have been associated with few founder members of RIIDL for some time. We have seen their work and dedication they have towards helping the start-ups who come from a variety of field of study and different age groups. RIIDL always finds the best from each project and motivate to enhance over it, and hence, there was no second thought other than RIIDL. RIIDL has helped in connecting with different people from the industry as well as with stalwarts of the field of study. With their events like Maker Mela, we could connect with many people and also pitch our ideas to Nobel laureate and other dignitaries.