The Somaiya School students shine in Taekwondo Competition

37 schools from Mumbai, 380 participants

from Standards 1-10th 

at The Taekwondo Games 2018

organised by Pil Sung Taekwondo Academy for children 

The Somaiya School students ranging from 6 years to 13 years lit up the medal chart with 6 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal! 


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Manuel Mendonca. 4th Degree Belt in Taekwondo from World Taekwondo Competition, Kukiwon trained the students and is now keen for them to go to the National level. He says “Taekwondo is for everybody, there is no age limit for anyone. Even at the age of 80-81 a person can do Taekwondo.

The student’s parents were thrilled as they were a witness to their achievement.

Praveen Shaikh, Principal Somaiya School, beaming with pride says “ Taekwondo or indeed any martial art, teaches children self-defence, discipline, concentration and discipline. They learn to respect others. Students get physically fit and energised, and the best part is they learn all this while having fun.”